Thursday, September 30, 2004

Shopping or Chopping ??

On Friday evening we had been shopping and we called at the supermarket petrol station to fill up.
There was a large puddle of petrol in front of the pump, but I thought I would be able to avoid it. I shoved my card in the pump, but it would not start. As I was faffing around with my card an attendant appeared and tried to put some sand on the spill. At the same time a police car with blues and two's can screaming into the railway station car park next door. Then an ambulance then another two police cars.
I was still fighting with the pump and managed to trample in the spilt petrol when I was distracted. So now my feet were stinking of petrol and the pump still wouldn't work.
The attendant looked at it after spreading his sand and announced the receipt roll had run out and I would have to pay at the booth.

The commotion was caused by a gang of 'train surfers' (train surfers jump off bridges onto moving freight trains) who had an accident. One of the boys aged fourteen fell between the wagons. His legs were amputated. One just below the hip and the other just below the knee. He had to be given 28 pints of blood and he is now in a coma.
A few minutes earlier someone had told then to stop messing about on the bridge as it was dangerous, the lads just gave them a load of abuse and told then to F*** off.

Bad Karma ???


I am very much a creature of habit. I love my regular routines. It gives me a feeling of security. Travelling well known routes and doing familiar tasks makes me feel comfortable.
If things are beyond my control then I start to feel stressed and uncomfortable. To a degree I am resistant to change.
I can cope with structured change. I hate being in the dark. I hate the unknown.
I am good natured and friendly. I see the good in people.
I find conflict stressful and unpleasant.
I avoid conflict at the expense of myself. I don't assert myself when I should.

Another one of my failings is that I strive to please other people, I put others in front of myself Maybe I am too unselfish?.
I should have more self confidence to please myself.

When I was young I thought self confidence and wisdom would come with age. I would imagine myself sagely nodding and imparting my knowledge confidently when I was older.
I am still waiting.

I am not an 'achiever' - I do not have an insatiable urge to push myself forward or make my mark in the world. I just want to be happy.

My problem is I still have this brain washed conditioning that I must please others.
What other people think of me is what drives me. It shouldn't.

How do I un-condition my self?? How do I change my mindset ?? I try, but I always revert.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Last Thursday I followed the 'sit in the right lane' person on the dual carrigeway.
As we approached my exit roundabout he decided to move over to the left as he was not turning right, as everyone has thought for the last two miles, but he was going straight on.
Oh goody I thought, now I can give him a piece of my mind. As I moved into the turn left lane I wound down my window and as I passed I asked him if he was dyslexic or if he thought he was in Germany.
His reaction was quite startling. He became very animated and was shouting. I expressed my view that he was a wanker by a sleek little hand signal as I disappeared to the left.
With a screech of tyres he was then behind me, horns blaring and headlights flashing. Almost ramming me in the back.
Oh dear I thought and I pulled into a garage with plenty of witnesses, because had we carried on we would soon be in a secluded country lane.
The idea was to pull into the garage, drive round the back of the pumps and double back. Bugger I was blocked in. No time to reverse out.
He pulled up and gets out of the car, steam coming out of his ears and built like a brick shithouse !!!!
My life flashed before my eyes.
He was very upset at being called a wanker and I could see he was having trouble remaining only verbal and not turning physical.
Ooops I thought and didnt say a word.
Eventually he went away.
Lesson, don't piss someone off, even if you are in the right, unless you have a good escape route.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Even worse

This morning getting to work was even worse.
I arrived twenty minutes later than normal (as previously qualified). I didn't even bother looking for a space in the car park.
When I got to work I was advised the car park was full at eight am.

Went to see my dad last night. He has been feeling a bit rough for the last few days. Last Tuesday he went into hospital for a camera up his back passage, and he has not been very good since. I suppose when you are 87 years old these things can be stressful.
He had a visit from the GP yesterday and she seems to think it is some kind of infection.
After our visit he seemed to perk up.

Unfortunately we were away last week, and my brothers are both in Cuba on holiday. So my dad had to fend for himself for a while.

Just to change the subject
A bit of good news..
BBC radio 4 are running a new series of 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' It starts on Tuesday 21 September at 18.30.
Worth listening to !!!!!!!


Monday, September 13, 2004

Back to reality

Back to work.

After a week off work staying in the caravan at Matlock, and I must says having a perfectly marvellous week, it is now back to reality with a bump.

This morning the queues were there complete with all the usual number of prats and idiots on the roads.

I arrived at work about ten minutes later than normal. (when I say normal I mean during the school holidays) to find the office car park full with about three or four cars cruising around looking for spaces and blocking me in.
Eventually I gave up and parked in a back street about ten minutes away from the office. I will check the car park for a couple of days more but if I still have the same problem then I think I will give up using the staff car park and start roadside parking.
There currently seems to be a competition as to who can arrive the earliest and nab the parking spaces, which I suppose is understandable as it is on a first come first served basis. I do consider this is a bit unfair on people who live further away and have to set off early to get there (like me).

No way - I am not moving nearer to Manchester.

To be honest I suppose I do like the idea of living in the city, but my bank account and my wife think differently. If I did move nearer to work then I would like to live in the city and not on the periphery.

I think I will stick to living in my little Cheshire village !!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Well bless my soul.......Today is the first day that schools open up in our neck of the woods. Don't I know it.. Where do all the extra cars come from ? Do all these parents stay at home for six or seven weeks with the kids and then suddenly emerge like a family of bears from hibernation ?
All the worst drivers in the world suddenly converge like lemmings !!

I shout at them.....Bugger off !!! I have been driving back and to work very nicely and peacefully whilst you lot have been away.
Just sod off and stay away and stop clogging up the fecking roads !!!