Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sad day

Called in at my dad's empty house to tidy up and collect some things for him.
It's surprising how odd things can bring back memories. I was OK until I picked up the breadboard in the kitchen. That brought back memories from over forty years ago and made me realise the huge change and upheaval this was for my dad and how he hides his feelings to spare the feelings of others.
As I held that breadboard I remembered happy times when my mum was alive, my two brothers were there and I felt secure and part of the family.
Strange that past happy times make me sad.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yesterday was a milestone for my father. He moved out of his house into a nursing home. He has accepted this up to now pretty well. For him this is a massive life  change, I suppose he feels as though he is giving up his freedom. Or maybe not, as he has been dependent on family support for most things for tbe last few years.
Its difficult to imagine how life is for him, seeing ones confidence  and abilities eroded away
Over the last few months he has had several falls and been in hospital twice. He is finding life very diffucult.
For us its nice to get out lives back. I will have to get used to having more free time!