Sunday, September 23, 2007

I don't know why I was so tense and nervous. The holiday in Turkey was wonderful.
The flights were on time, the transfer to the hotel at Icmeler was a bit of a pain as we were in a small 22 seat bus and the roads in Turkey leave a lot to be desired, when we arrived we were knackered.
Really enjoyed the wall to wall sunshine - it made a wonderful change from depressing grey skies and rain. People were very friendly and seemed genuine.
Would recommend turkey to anyone as long as you don't mind the 4 hour flight and 2 hour transfer.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Off to Turkey on Friday for a weeks holiday. When I think about it I get very nervous, but I don't know why. It is a holiday - something to look forward to, not to make me shit myself ! Just a fear of the unknown, me and V. in a strange country almost outside Europe. Maybe I am not as adventurous as I would like to think.
Rather like my mum, I over cook these things.

Went to Manchester airport for a reccy. I felt happy and comfortable in that enviroment. Nice to watch the planes landing and taking off and seeing all the differnent races of people. Seeing the way they behave, the men ad children on one table and the women on another. Some women in fill burkah's and some in western or part western clothes.
We were stood at the top of an escalator and in front of us was a young indian woman, her arms were full and she had a little girl probably about 5 or 6 with her. The little girl could not manage to get on the ecalator, she was falling and was about to go down the escalator on her bottom - very risky. I rushed in to the rescue. The poor little thing clung to me, her heart was beating fast and she was terrified. To save such a little helpless thing from possible harm gave me a nice warm confident glow of absolute power at that particular moment.