Thursday, August 28, 2003

Just not enough time to do anything at the moment.
Yesterday after I finished work, we took my niece back home to Preston, a round trip of about 100 miles. Of course we can't just dump her and run so by the time we had arrived back home the only thing to do was to drop into bed...ahhh lovely.

This morning I woke feeling like shit! Headache, in fact headache all over, glands up and stomach trying to throw up. Ugh. After a shop full of pills and potions, Paracetemol,Kaolin and Morphine, vitamin pills, antacid pills, more pills to bung me up and a few hours later and I feel almost human again. Now I just feel knackered.

I am really pissed off as we are away to Cardigan for the week on Saturday, it has been booked for months a special birthday treat (even though her birthday was in July) for my better half, and the last thing I want to be is ill and miserable........just hope its a one off and not the begining of a virus infection.

Just a thought..............

Less than 1% belong to the affluent target market for luxury retailers. They are families with incomes greater then £60,000 and houses more than £220,000
Metro News Feb 06 2002

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

A couple of posts I put on from home do not seem to have appeared on the site. Still thats just my luck. The lst few days I have had nothing but bad luck and some of my past drop offs that I thought I had got away with have re-appeared. Its a pretty major drop off that's caught me up and I am feeling really stressed out.. not good for me, when I get like this I start shaking inside and my brain seems to just stop thinking sensibly.Mind you, I don't think sensibly at the best of times..but when I'm stressed I get ten times worse.

been reading a blog by a woman called Alex. She is a pretty awesome person who has got the bottle to do what I would like to do...Leave the steady job and go it alone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Feeling a bit down today. I just feel depressed but I don't know why - I think thats what's depressing me and making me feel down.

I feel very buggered by big brother at the moment. The job is getting me down, I am constantly monitored as to the amount of work I do. I find this petty and soul destroying and it really gets my back up........and it makes me really pissed off and depressed. Especially when other people in the same office seem to do whatever they please, I feel really victimised.

I finally got my Clie, I managed to transfer all the data from my old Palm pda and now we are rolling!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Do you wear a proximity card or a passcard at work. Are you a corporate slave ( willing or unwilling) ??

visitors today
Fay from Preston
Una from Dublin

Should be interesting

I am not a religous person - in fact I am a confirmed athiest, but I think religion is misused by evil people as an excuse to hide behind to commit evil deeds. That also includes state powers.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Hi-ho its Monday morning again. Soon comes round and its back to the daily slog.
Were away at the weekend, stayed at Ashbourne in Derbyshire. On Saturday we went to visit my daughter at Mansfield.
Talking of visiting different towns (which I do a lot) I have noticed all towns have an atmosphere individual to that town. There are several factors.

1, friendliness, the attitude of the people
2, State of the people, some are well dressed some are poorly dressed etc
3, State of the buildings, old, new, delapidated or well maintained.
4, The smell of the town, yes the smell,
a, Generally I find if it is a poor town with scruffy unintelligent people the normally there is a strong smell of tobaccoo in the air !!
b, If it is an affluent town then normally its pretty nutral.
c, A bustling or young town coffee bars.
Of course I talking about main town centers, as soon as you move out of the town center things can change rapidly.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Getting to work this morning was a problem. A lorry had broken down on the Bowden roundbout and caused a 6 mile tailback in all directions affecting all access roads to the roundabout. Had he broken down 100 yards further on he could have stopped on the sliproad to the motorway and no one would have been affected. Some people are very inconsiderate.
At least I am not on the East coast of America thank God.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

After reading some of the personal comments on snowgoon I was amazed to find someone who's brain appears to work the same as mine. I think the guy has extracted my innermost thoughts and appled them to his web!!
As yet I am not into writing blogs and I am surpised at how hard it can be, I think with a little practice I will get better, they only way is up....yeh.
At Lunch time I went for a walk ( I actually left the office) to Currys to get a new Palm ( With some freebie vouchers I had. (fancy a Sony Clie) I got there in a sweat and waited and waited to get served finally I got served get my Clie... yes !! I went to the till to pay for it, gave him the vouchers, he looked at them....sorry these are no good here. They were for Comet. I very quietly crawled up my own arse. Only I could do something as daft as that !!!!!!!!

I added the enetation for blogger yesterday to the html, but it dosent seem to work. Just typical, everything I try to is never quite right. It may be my own fault as I was feeling a bit pressured when I did it.

Have now tried again using a different template...lets see if this works.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I have loads to say but not a lot of time to say it. With the weather being sooo nice at the moment I am really busy at home, jobs in the garden etc. and at work it is just manic. That means not a lot of time left for me.
In fact to start a blog at this time is probably totaly barmy but I just have this urge to write a little something. I think I have always been a potential blogger as I have always kept a diary almost since I could write, its a great outlet for moans and stresses of life.
much much more later