Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is this why my Combi boiler stopped working?

The pipe on the right is the boiler condensate drain. Well frozen. Took a while, and the plumber  to sus out the problem. It now drains into a bucket indoors untill we get a thaw.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

This morning I was woken up by the dog scratching to go out. The weather station was showing -15.2 ºC. He had a quick piss and then rushed back in.

Birds fed and watered (birds need water, especially when everything is frozen).

Dog taken for a walk and his feet de-iced. Car de-iced (after I managed to get the door open, as it was frozen shut), and off to feed my dad and then take V. (the wife) to the local hospital (after ringing them to confirm its ok to attend).

After nearly an hours wait, the result of the consultation is another referral for more tests (yet again). This has been ongoing since March this year.

The NHS moves very slowly…but there again so does the private.