Thursday, August 26, 2004

Mrs Loopydoop, is now facing another crisis. She is trying to get off the HRT and on a reduced dose she is not really coping. Her hormones are getting the better of her and she is very down and depressed. This stresses me out as I feel so useless to help. Half the time I am not even there for her as I have to be at work.
I wonder if there are any viable alternatives to HRT ?
Any contributions welcome.

I am ok (I think) but I just feel a little pressured at the moment. Everyone seems to want a piece of me and there is nothing left for myself. Possibly that's why I have not been on the blog that's not true its the fact that BT (whom I work for) have blocked all access to blogger and any blog sites so I must do it from home and in the summer it is difficult.

anyway enough whinging and thanks.

BW seems to be having major problems with her email........I tried to mail her and it bounced back at me as undeliverable. Sounds like a major problem with the NTL mail server !!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Well it’s been a long time since I have posted anything !!
It’s been nice to have a brake from blogging, but it has been a little enforced due to pressure from other areas. Lack of time.

I can’t refer to my previous post as I am typing this at work, in my own time because if I want a place on the car park I have to arrive at least 30 minutes early. As I was saying I can’t refer to my previous post because the blogger URL or anything containing blogger is blocked by our company firewall.
As you may know I work for a large Telecomms company but when at home as a matter of principle I use a different internet service provider and a different telephone company. I have to rent the line from them as I don’t have any choice of landline supplier.

It has generally been busy. The garden insists on growing like the clappers, you know, the usual gardening type stuff, cutting grass, trees, hedges, pulling weeds, picking stuff etc etc.
Organising buffets, parties etc.

We have been away in the caravan between jobs.
In fact last week we went to Harrington’s caravans for some bits for the caravan and we ended up buying a new caravan. Something slightly bigger and newer and with a better layout inside.
There seems to be a lot of anti-caravan feeling in the media just recently. I think a minority of bad caravanners with the wrong set up (underpowered towing vehicles, overloaded or too heavy caravans) can easily give all caravanners a bad name. I can drive quite normally with a caravan on the back and keep up with the flow of traffic no problem. Usually I get stuck behind a slow vehicle and the queue behind me cannot see the vehicle in front of me and naturally assume it is me causing the problem.
The last week has been absolutely manic at work. All the thunderstorms and the lightning has caused a lot of damage and a lot of work for me.
Never mind ‘not enough hours in a day’ its more like ‘not enough seconds in a minute’ !!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004