Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Yeay - off work all week.

answers follow

1.Silent Night
2.Litle town of Bethlehem
3.Jolly old St Nicholas
4.Deck the Halls
5.Joy to the world
6.Hark the Herald Angels sing
7.We three kings
8.Away in a amnger
9.Angels we have heard on high
10.Come all ye faithful
11.Holy night
12.White Christmas
13.Silver bells
14.The 12 days of Christmas
15.It Came upon a midnight clear
16.Frosty the snowman
17.I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
18.Winter wonderland
19.Dreaming of a white Christmas
20.First Noel
21.Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

happy new year............night all..

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Just to get into the spirit of things, can you guess the christmas songs.

thanks to BW for getting me going on this one.

1. Sunset to Sunrise Without Noise
2. Minuscule Hamlet In The Near East
3. Mirthful Ancient Despot
4. Adorn The Vestibule
5. Delight Directed Toward This Comprehensive Place
6. Listen, Aerial Sprites Vocalize Musically
7. Our Trio Of Monarchs
8. Yonder In The Hay Rack
9. Cherubim Providing Audio Input to Us From Aloft
10. Assemble, Everyone Who Loyally Believes
11. Hallowed Post Meridian
12. Snow-colored December Holiday
13. Precious Metal Tintinnabulations
14. A Dozen Twenty-Four Hour Yule Periods
15. Befell During The Transparent Bewitching Hour
16. Homo Sapien Of Crystallized Vapor
17. I Spied My Maternal Parent Osculating a Gift Bearer
18. Perambulating Through A December Solstice Fantasy
19. First Person Singular Experiencing An Hallucinatory Phenomenon Of A Natal Celebration Devoid Of Color
20. The Yuletide Occurrence Preceding All Others
21. Allow Crystalline Formations To Descend in Triplicate

answers on a postcard or in the comments

Driving into work this morning was heaven. I set of 5 minutes late and arrived 30 minutes early.
Maybe its making up for last week when it was taking an extra 30 minutes compared to my normal traveling time.

obviously the problem is that there are just too many people in one place. The solution is to spread them out a bit. Grab a few hundred thousand and dump then in the Scottish Highlands, Salisbury plain, and dump the rest in the Welsh hills.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Guess what appeared in the post today from Argos.

yes !!!!

vouchers to the value of £15

Must have been a spell from BW that did it !!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I went into Argos to buy something else ( a new duvet cover and matching cutains for my bed (look here) and managed to get served by the same person again. What about my free vouchers I asked. Aha she replied - you paid in vouchers last time so you don't qualify for the free vouchers offer. Oh bloody hell, bugger. Beaten again.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Well its really sad to see Elsie retired from her blog. She was definitely an inspiration to read. It was probably the highlight of my week. I will miss her, in fact we will all miss her contribution to out little corner of the blog world.
It's a shame when pressure from other people stops you from doing what you like when it is not harmful to anyone else.
I suppose it takes the nice and the nasty to make up a balanced world, but I just cant get my head around why some people are so malicious, why we have vandals etc I just can't see what pleasure they get from being evil.
that's just me...To nice by half !!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Another con trick

I am sure you are all familiar with the imitation scratch cards that appear in certain magazines and newspapers. You know. The ones where you appear to have won a two week holiday in Florida, just telephone this number at £1.50 per minute for a maximum of 6 ish minutes to discover you have won a plastic toothpick.

Well last night My wife received a text message, “you are the lucky winner of £2000. A friend has entered your mobile number into out competition and you are a lucky winner. Simply telephone this number +44 08708 XXXX XXXX charges at 10p per minute to claim your winnings.”

After a heated debate we decided that it is probably a con but out of curiosity we would ring the number. We get a cheerful female recorded voice“Welcome you are the lucky winner etc etc. To claim your £2000 you must first tell us your mobile number.” ,At this point we hung up. It was obviously a con. Just a variation on the scratch card theme.
They did actually give out the name of the company, and if I am not mistaken it is a company that also runs chatlines with a very dodgy method of ripping off the callers which involves knowing there telephone number to bill them retrospectively.

I am irritated and annoyed at the way these ‘companies’ flout the law and blatantly attempt to rip people off. Don’t forget this is not a scam from outside the UK but within. It is not a Spam e-mail but a Spam text !!

These people are ripping off anyone who is gullible enough to respond. They are just about legal, but in my opinion they are not legal because it is plainly a con trick. Maybe its time the police or the government started taking them on before they pollute society any further.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Christmas Shopping

I was off work yesterday to complete my Christmas shopping. Most of the shopping we ( me and my other half) do, we do as a couple. We only split and go our separate ways when shopping for each other

I had already made a note of the hints and made a list of ‘possibles’ for my shopping spree. The plan was to do the shopping in the morning, and the wrapping in the afternoon.

All was fine until I went to buy the Moroccan Vase I has in mind. When I got to the shop they had none left in the colour I wanted, in a blind panic I ended up buying a fruit bowl (and a cute little salt and pepper dispenser) because it was the right colour. Good job its not the main item. I mean fancy buying a fruit bowl !!!

Anyway mission accomplished.
But somehow I always worry. Have I bought the right thing, will she like what I bought etc ??
I think it must be a lack of self confidence. A deep desire to please brought on by working for a large multi-national.

I went out today and bought a lovely scarf. Present number seven

received the following e-mail from Argos
the store not the place...Thanks Elsie

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the gift voucher offer. Firstly, please
accept our sincere apologies for the delay in our response, however we are
currently experiencing high volumes of e-mails.

We have looked into your e-mail and we have forwarded your enquiry to the
relevant department, whom will assess your query and contact you
accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for
your patience in this matter.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to
contact us at order.enquiries@argos.co.uk or by calling us at 0870 600 8487.

We wait with bated breath for developments.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

On strike for a few days.
totally knucking Fackered, just taking a few days out to recover.

I just love spoonerisms

ps. The new bed is just great...Will tell the story of Argos later.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Well tonight after battling home through the now normally horrendous traffic, I got out a bottle of red wine to have a glass with my tea and was told by Mrs L that maybe I was overdoing it because I had a glass yesterday !!!!!!!!!!! The cheek. Still she is only concerned about my health.
I had a hot chocolate later to make up...Not quite the same.

Spent most of the evening making my bed......Literally.
Bought a new bed from Argos. This self assembly lark is a bit of a rip off, considering how much I paid for the damn thing.....And they advertise on TV you get £15 in vouchers if you spend £150, I forgot to ask and didn'tnt get. Must ring Argos tomorrow to complain.

Anyway I am now pretty knacked so off to bed for me

gooden nicht

When updating my template yesterday I managed to send a corrupted version back to blogger and had to re-build the thing again as I did not have a current back up copy.
Serves me right for being sloppy I suppose.

Well in future I will keep a backup of my template


For some strange reason the roads were exceptionally busy yesterday. I spent 3 hours driving back and to work. 3 long tedious hours crawling along, swapping lanes and then watching the lane I was in speed up and shoot past.
Why do some people have to leave a 500 yard gap between them and the car in front when the average speed is about 30 mph ?? It it just to annoy me ??
Why are there so many dosy people on the roads... Especially in the rush hours ??

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

You are an Excelsior-class cruiser, a true classic.
You are the mainstay. Your personality is
addictive, it has lasted a long time. People
count on you to get the job done, and you never

Which Class of Federation Starship are you?
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above care of Blue witch

Saturday, December 06, 2003

My mum died on 6th December 1996. The circumstances were Ironic.

For several years my mum had been suffering from angina and had a weak heart.
My parents were sat watching TV and at about 9pm in the evening my dad got up out of his chair. As he stood he lost his balance and fell to the floor. My mother on seeing this assumed he was having a stroke and panicked. As a result of the adrenaline rush and the panic she had a massive heart attack and collapsed.
My father had now managed to get to the phone and phoned my brother. He rushed round and tried to revive mother, but by then it was too late.
The paramedics pronounced her dead.
My father was taken to the hospital.

At home I was in the shower and didn’t hear the phone ring, my wife took the call and had to give me the news. Of course I was upset and devastated.

We went to the hospital to see my dad, at that point my memory is a little hazy, I remember talking to my dad as he lay on a trolley in a cubicle in the A&E.

(Even now I find it painful writing this, I was ok when I started but now I am finding, trawling through those memories upsetting. Part of my defence mechanism is to push these things to the back of my mind.)

Dad did have a small stroke, and with the correct medication he was out of hospital after a couple of weeks or so, but not in time for mum's funeral.
We had to reassure my dad that it was not his fault that mum had died. It has taken him years to come to terms with what happened. Possibly, in the back if his mind, I think he still blames himself for the tragedy.

It was just a very unfortunate chain of events.

I still miss my mum. Her death has left a gaping hole in my life.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Had a phone call from my brother tonight. My two brothers and their wives are buggering off to Tenarife for a week, and can I keep an eye on dad on Saturday, maybe pop round and have a chat to cheer him up just in case he is feeling a bit down.
It's 6 years since my mum died this Saturday.
If I don't chase after him as ordered then am I the baddy.
On Sunday I will be picking my dad up and fetching him to our house for Sunday lunch ( in the evening) and driving him back home. At least I won't be miles away.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I have a radical solution to cut traffic congestion at a stroke at no cost to the government. It will also vastly reduce the damage to the environment and reduce costs to the emergency services.
Many many thousands of people like myself work in large offices; we travel daily into a large town or city centre to sit all day in front of a computer and talk on the phone.
Why not let these people work from home or a small local e-community instead of moving the jobs to India.
Many of the large companies should be FORCED to do this.
An independent team of assessors should examine working practice and advise the government.
A special body should be set up to study this, these companies cannot be trusted to self administer this as they are too interested in profit at the expanse of everyone else.
This initiative would save the country BILLIONS and save me a few quid as well.