Friday, October 01, 2010

Just come back from sunny Spain. Back to wet and miserable weather.
A good Spanish word comes to mind, estafar, when on Costa Del Sol, or indeed any holiday resort be very aware of 'holiday club' scams. These are a modern version of timeshare scams but with the name changed to get around the law. They are VERY VERY good at bamboozling people into signing thousands of pounds away. When they present you with a scratch card that wins, because it will, then you are already sucked in. TEAR IT UP AND WALK AWAY. You have not won 1000 euros or a camcorder just a 'free' holiday that isn't free.- there are so many catches its not free. If you continue, you will be brainwashed. not a nice experience!
 You have been warned ALL holiday clubs are a con...they will not save you money....even the genuine ones.
Never Never sign anything or give them any of your money. Better to stuff it down the drain than to give it to those conning bastards.


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