Thursday, October 20, 2005

I am settling into the new job. It is very different to my previous job. The required skills and knowledge are diffferent. The way things are done are different.

Although I have moved within the company it is almost like starting a new job.

As you understand, I cannot go into detail on a public web site about my job.
Suffice to say I have moved from small CPE, dealing with the public, into PDH private circuits dealing with other service providers.
I am still working in a support role but I have a lot of brushing up to do on my transmission knowledge.

I have now got a desk, a pc and a set of drawers that smells like an ashtray when the drawers are opened.
I am still waiting for a new chair and a telephone. Odd that the hardest item to obtain is a phone when I work for a telecommunications company !

Today I was presented with a fixed penalty ticket. I commited the gravest of sins and drove in a bus lane for 200 yards....and did not see the police traffic car, five cars behind me. Most people in the office seemed to think it served me right.
It was one of those chain event things.
I was too lazy to fill up the car last night, so I had to fill up this morning. This made me late for work. There was a bigger queue than normal at this particular set of lights, so I nipped up the bus lane.
The ironic thing was that the large queue was caused by a broken down bus on the bridge blocking the lane in the road that was not a bus lane.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Well I am now working at Warrington.
I still have'nt settled in. I am totally amazed at the difference between the way this department works compared to the one I worked at before.
The travelling is much better, but it does vary a great deal from day to day.
Once I get my hours sorted, get myself a desk, a PC and little things like that then I will begin to feel a little more settled.
Must go, lawns to cust and spag bo to make.