Monday, March 12, 2007

Today I was assaulted by one of my company managers.

During my unpaid lunch break I was dosing on the easy chairs in the disused canteen that we use as a rest room. I had my feet up (shoes off) and was quietly dozing.
This guy (built like a retired rugby player) comes up and demands I remove my feet. This is the third time he has tried to bully me in as many weeks. But this time the man has come unstuck.
I tell him to talk to my manager and to go away. After a short while he almost sits on my feet and then suddenly he turns and pushes my legs off sideways with as much force as he can. Of course my legs move but my body does not! I feel a muscle in my back pull. I now have backache and must see my doctor in the morning.
He called me 'a horrible little man' and he said 'I am gong to get you' !!!! Sounds like something in a kids playground not a professional manager in a company.
I was very upset and agitated. I was physically shaking.
I have been shouting loud and long about this. The company management, the company HR, the union, the police.

I was sat on my own, asleep, bothering no-one when this idiot started to have a go at me !!
I am the injured party.