Saturday, April 15, 2006

I have just been reading one of BW’s old posts. It was very deep and I found it very moving. It was a brief account of her breakdown in 1997. It was all very familiar to me. Obviously my circumstances were different but the result was almost the same.
However I don’t wish to write about this subject again as it has been covered in previous blogs, but I was really impressed with the style and clarity, the very competent description of how she felt. When I read a well written account I always feel inadequate as I would like to be able to write like that.

When I read my past blogs they are so terse and inane that I often think that the best thing would be to take the site down and stop wasting space on the server.

Probably the reason for this is the fact that my life is so trite and meaningless. I am the most boring person in the world.
I have a weekday routine, get up at 06.30, make my breakfast and prepare a packed lunch. 07.15 leave for work. Arrive work at 07.50, be at my desk by 08.00 and log on. Do my work for a global telecoms company, supporting another national telecoms company. 12.00-13.00 lunch. Have some quiet time, read my book, nip into town if any odd jobs need doing ie go to the bank etc. Finish work at 16.00 this is really boring arrive home 16.40, do some work in the garden (which I don’t particularly care for) or chat with the V (the wife) find out how her day was looking after my Dad, maybe play on the PC for a short time. Help to prepare the evening meal. Are you still reading? Clean up after the meal, watch some TV. Off to bed.
This may be an oversimplification but the rest is just as boring. As normal I seem to end up writing lists. I must be a list type of person. I have a PDA with lists of ‘things to do’ as my memory is terrible and I forget to do the most basic and the most important tasks - the V admonishes me like a naughty child - “why did you not book the car service before now? Etc. etc.”

I would love to be able to really bring things to life by writing an in depth analysis of my day, my feelings, my deeds. The trouble is it would still be unendurably boring.

If you managed to wade through that lot and not fall asleep - well done.