Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just digging out the insurance and MOT so I can renew the tax on the old jalopy tomorrow. Wheres the current MOT certificate???? Bugger me !!!!
It looks as though I forgot to MOT the car last December. Shit ! Have I been riding around for 6 months with no MOT.
Fucking Bollocks...these pathetic stupid bits of paper get right on my tits.
Shit bugger bollocks.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I fixed the sky box ( I think)...The co-ax connection from the dish was a bit iffy. So after a bit of re-termination it seems happy.
Isnt it nice to get that warm smug feeling when you have achived something positive.

I wonder how many people are aware of the technology involved when they use things. Or do they just take things for granted.
When you access a web page do you know (or care) what a DNS server is? what it does....or less importantly how it does it?
When you drive a car do you know how the road was constructed, how the traffic lights work and just how clever some traffic management systems are...a sort of human internet superhighway

Yes were all internet packets...in a manner of speaking !!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I am doing a computer based training on TCP/IT. I am now at the so called 'advanced' stage....Its getting a little involved. Every single process and protocol has a set of initials. Remembering then is worse that remembering what they actually do.

I took the keyboard back and after a great deal of argument I got my money back from Dixons.
What use is it saying you can fetch something back and we will refund you if it is still wrapped in the original cellophane !!!
Do they think you are just going to look at the outside of the box ??